Sweet Sensation – If Wishes Came True

First Hit #1: September 1, 1990

I’m not familiar with Sweet Sensation – in fact, this is the first song of theirs I’ve ever heard – but their big hits sounds like a band recording a ballad because ballads are big business. It’s true that ballads are big business, but a combination of the video and the curiously held-back vocal has me convinced that the group is much more suited to upbeat dance music. I’m not going to outright say the vocal is bad – we’ve definitely had worse in 1990, from Tommy Page – but lead singer Betty LeBron does not sound at all comfortable in the role of a balladeer. She just sounds like she wants to rush through the song, take it upbeat, and go for broke. She’s holding back, she’s showing a certain restraint, and she’s not quite sure what to do when drawing the song out and making it a bit slower.

Sweet Sensation had other singles which much more in the dance mold, and LeBron does a much better job with them, and sounds comfortable with that style of music. A shame those weren’t the group’s number ones.

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One Response to Sweet Sensation – If Wishes Came True

  1. RBerman says:

    Another Freestyle ballad; not my favorite subgenre. This song is adequate enough to have been #1, while mediocre enough not to have made the retro station playlists. It does have the most rocking guitar solo on the bridge that we’ve heard in a while, with some Queeny dual guitar action even.

    Note also how the “First hit #1” date has skipped ahead a month since Mariah’s “Vision of Love”; Mariah was on top that long. More longevity/stasis like that to come.

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