Jon Bon Jovi – Blaze of Glory

First Hit #1: September 8, 1990

Is Jon Bon Jovi, solo artist, appreciably different than Bon Jovi, band? Well, it is slightly more country influenced, or at least more southern rock influenced. Not so different that it’s not instantly recognizable as a Bon Jovi record, and while there’s a bit of exploration into slightly different sounds, it still all comes back to big hair and electric guitars. This could probably be snuck onto copies of Slippery When Wet and nobody would notice the difference, it’s like Wanted Dead or Alive covered by a country-focused bar band. The country aspects make sense, it was on the soundtrack to a western – Young Guns II – and the fact that it isn’t full blown country makes equal amounts of sense, since Young Guns II was a western for youths. I’m not going to count it against Bon Jovi that he’s not exactly stretching his creative legs when he strikes out on his own – he knows what he wants to make, that being power ballads with guitars in them, and he’s had success doing so. Slightly country Bon Jovi is still going to have a great deal of appeal.

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One Response to Jon Bon Jovi – Blaze of Glory

  1. RBerman says:

    Hey look– a (country-) rock song! I didn’t know they were still making those in mid-1990; the last time we saw one here was Def Leppard’s “Love Bites” in fall of 1988 , unless you want to count Michael Damian’s “Rock On” in the summer of 1989, which I do not. Also fading as a trend by 1990: radio hits from movie soundtracks. (Lisa Loeb is still ahead, though, bless her funky glasses.)

    One must surmise that this song was released by “Jon Bon Jovi” (the artist) rather than “Bon Jovi” (the band) mainly because Jeff Beck played the slide guitar on it instead of Richie Sambora, who IIRC was off on a May-September romance with Cher around this time.

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