Wilson Phillips – Release Me

First Hit #1: September 15, 1990

First Wilson Phillips demands we hold on, now they want to be released. Make up your minds Wilson Phillips!

What we have here is probably the kindest breakup song I’ve ever heard. Sure, they’re calling the man in question a waste of time, and are constantly telling him to leave them alone, but they’re doing it in such a nice way. It’s probably the harmonies, they’re the sugar that makes the bitter medicine go down, helped by the fact that Phillips and the duo of Wilsons have really pleasant, thoroughly enjoyable voices. Combined, they make for a song that just sounds nice, no matter what the lyrics are. In this case, the lyrics are telling you to get lost, but that’s okay, at least you ended on a good note.

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One Response to Wilson Phillips – Release Me

  1. RBerman says:

    The melody itself doesn’t do a lot for me. However, boys and girls, harmonies this tight were quite remarkable before autotune. The results here speak to an impressive combination of genetics, skill, and studio time. This is what made the Eagles megastars. This is what Bananarama and Spice Girls should have sounded like. Mama Michelle must have been proud.

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