Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do (Without You)

First Hit #1: January 19, 1991

The drums in this song, they’re almost oppressive. Huge columns of sound that drown out all else, they drive the song and distract from it, so forward in the mix that it’s impossible to hear much else. Which is a shame really, because Janet Jackson is having a lot of fun with her vocal. She sings low in the range in one verse, plays up her femininity in another by including some goofy giggles. She even does what most of the other big female singers were doing, and layers herself at one point. The vocal is almost experimental, as Jackson plays around with what her voice can accomplish. That voice is just penned in by the big, oppressive drums, a prison of percussion, which has a weird effect on the song as a whole.

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One Response to Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do (Without You)

  1. RBerman says:

    Echoed drums have replaced gated drums. Reminds me of someone in the Prince stable, maybe Sheila E. Janet has shed her “girl next door thing” and gone full-bore into “stroking my body for you since you can’t reach through the TV screen” mode. She’s still smiling though, unlike Madonna or Michael.

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