Londonbeat – I’ve Been Thinking About You

First Hit #1: April 13, 1991

Dance music has officially had a major comeback, with Londonbeat’s house-inspired number one solidifying its place as a chart topper. Disco was dead, but it has been resuscitated with new instruments and new names, and the new revival feels like an extension of the old. It’s still a bit repetitive, it’s still based on a strong beat above all else, but it’s more electronic and is drawing from a wider stream of influences than just the disco of old, drawing a lot of its sound from what was happening in hip hop.

However, unlike Gonna Make You Sweat, I’ve Been Thinking About You hasn’t been repurposed as an unfortunate novelty single. It has been allowed to live on because it’s dance music with sincerity, because the vocal is just not something you can make fun of. The ode to a lost love is not something that can become a joke, and with a different arrangement could have easily become a popular ballad, in the vein of Surface. Instead, with a dance beat, it sounds new and fresh, provided you’re living in 1991. 22 years later, it seems somewhat less new and fresh, but everything has a sell by date. At the very least, I’ll take it over Surface.

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One Response to Londonbeat – I’ve Been Thinking About You

  1. RBerman says:

    See, this has danceable rhythms of C+C Music Factory but also an actual melody with actual progression. It’s not built on a five second hook that can become musical shorthand, but it does indeed maintain listenability over time.

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