Wilson Phillips – You’re In Love

First Hit #1: April 20, 1991

Wilson Phillips is, above all else, a nice group. They have really pleasant vocal harmonies, they usually have warm arrangements that, while dated, sound somewhat comfortable. Their lyrics are even pretty nice, and You’re In Love might be the nicest song about a relationship that didn’t last. Wilson Phillips is so nice that if you break it off and find someone else, they’ll write a song about how they’re happy you’re happy, and even if they wish the relationship could work they hope everyone can remain friends. It’s an unexpected song, because there’s honestly not many groups that would be willing to try it. How can you make acceptance into a pop song? Well, when you’re the nicest pop trio around, you can find away, and make everyone feel better about themselves for not being in love with either a Wilson or a Phillips.

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One Response to Wilson Phillips – You’re In Love

  1. RBerman says:

    LOL! Definitely the mature flip side of “Someday” from a few days back. The production resembles every other song on the Wilson Phillips debut album: fluffy uptempo balladry with nice three part harmonies. But here we are at the last of their three #1 singles. Bye, ladies! It’s been lovely. Writer producer Glen Ballard has other fish to fry now, most notably Alanis Morrisette.

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