EMF – Unbelievable

First Hit #1: July 20, 1991

Unbelievable has been reduced to the chorus by now, even if there’s slightly more to the song than that. It’s not a lot more to the song, but the part where the music drops out, and the lead singer goes “You’re Unbelievable,” followed by the sampled “Oh!”, that’s all that’s really used by the multitudes of people who have licensed the track for phone commercials. Believe it or not, there’s actually a song in between there.

It’s not a great song, to be honest, it sounds sort of like a photocopy of the Happy Mondays, with rap verses that nobody really listened to. But, at a bare minimum, it’s not as repetitive as one might expect. It might be a song that’s easily killed, especially as the main notable part of the song wears out its welcome before the song is even over, but at the very least there’s something more than the brief fragment most commonly used to sell you awful crackers. It’s nice that the pop charts are rediscovering dance music, but it would be nicer if they wouldn’t focus on the songs that can’t quite sustain themselves.

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One Response to EMF – Unbelievable

  1. RBerman says:

    This is one of those songs like “Make You Sweat” or “Jump” that’s all about a single instrumental riff. It’s a pretty cool riff, though.

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