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R. Kelly – Bump ‘n’ Grind

First Hit #1: April 9, 1994 R. Kelly is a crazy person, as can be evidenced by his ambitious and completely insane Trapped in the Closet series. But before he was a crazy person, he was an incredibly horny person, … Continue reading

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Ace of Base – The Sign

First Hit #1: March 12, 1994 The Sign is a great song. Lots of people don’t agree with this, lots of people regard it as a bit of a joke in fact. It’s a silly pop song from the mid-90s, … Continue reading

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Celine Dion – The Power of Love

First Hit #1: February 12, 1994 Lots of people dislike Celine Dion, but I have a late blooming appreciation for her. She’s got the same problems as most of the big-voiced divas out there, especially a propensity to go big … Continue reading

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Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting – All for Love

First Hit #1: January 22, 1994 Once upon a time, Bryan Adams had a massive hit with a song written for somewhat serious and popular period piece, and so when the producers of the Three Musketeers needed a new song, … Continue reading

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Mariah Carey – Hero

First Hit #1: December 25, 1993 We cap off 1993 with Mariah Carey again channeling Disney, and getting another hit out of it. Hero is one of those mildly inspirational songs that seems perfect for a children’s film, maybe the … Continue reading

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Janet Jackson – Again

First Hit #1: December 11, 1993 Janet Jackson’s biggest singles up until now have been firmly in the dance pop wheelhouse. It makes some sense that she felt the need to branch out, and Again is Jackson’s big ballad. It … Continue reading

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Meat Loaf – I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)

First Hit #1: November 6, 1993 It’s a shame Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf can’t stand each other anymore, they’re kind of perfect for each other musically. Steinman, has this weird, over the top operatic insanity, a kind of populist … Continue reading

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