Prince and the New Power Generation – Cream

First Hit #1: November 9, 1991

Why does this remind me of Huey Lewis? It’s pretty much typical Prince, a song about sex that doesn’t really pretend it’s about anything else, rendered with a catchy chorus and a funky backing track. The odd thing is Prince himself doesn’t seem particularly engaged in the recording. He sounds bored, like he’s done all this before and wants to do something other than popular music for a while. It can almost be argued that it’s a particular style, but Prince usually sounds a lot more engaged in his recording.

More importantly, I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s a Huey Lewis influence here, or maybe some other similar band. It’s still Prince, but there’s something in the chorus that screams ’80s power pop that I just can’t shake.

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2 Responses to Prince and the New Power Generation – Cream

  1. lboogie81 says:

    This was my favorite sexy song in the 1990s (after the Janet album) – I’ll even had my own choreographed dance routine.

  2. RBerman says:

    As with all Prince videos, this YouTube clip is blocked in the USA. Good thing I gave his highness some money for his greatest hits already. Both lyrics and music are notable unchanged from 1983. Stick with what works, right? The verse is built on the same three notes of melody as “Get It On (Bang a Gong),” but the arrangement weaves instruments in and out sufficiently deftly that we barely notice.

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