Color Me Badd – All 4 Love

First Hit #1: January 25, 1992

Color Me Badd is one of those groups that I wish was better than it was. They use the group format well, shifting between highlighting each vocalist and doing some pretty nice vocal harmonies. All 4 Love has a fairly jaunty little beat and the group members have a bit of fun singing about how devoted they will be to the girl they’re singing about. Plus, honestly, they all have pretty good voices that work together well. It’s a song, and a group, that have all these disparate little elements that I kind of like and want to see more of, but the final result is never something I’d actually listen to. In the case of All 4 Love, it is a bit cute, which is probably great if you’re selling albums to young girls, but it kind of wears out its welcome quickly. I find myself liking a lot of the ideas, but it always turns into a kind of forgettable pop song.

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2 Responses to Color Me Badd – All 4 Love

  1. lboogie81 says:

    I always love this song!

  2. RBerman says:

    Huh. A Motown homage in the middle of the New Jack era. The six note keyboard ostinato in the background got repetitive, but overall I like it pretty well.

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