Mr. Big – To Be With You

First Hit #1: February 29, 1992

Well somebody likes Extreme! Mr. Big is certainly doing the exact same trick as More Than Words, a hair metal band doing an acoustic number about love. They even do it in black and white, with the band hanging out together in a moody apartment. It does break with Extreme by going into color at some point, as though someone mentioned that this video seemed awfully familiar half-way through the editing process, but in general, it underlines the point, Mr. Big are Extremely big Extreme fans.

Still, there are some minor differences. In this case, it’s about someone saying that a relationship ending isn’t so bad, because now you can be with Mr. Big, who is a better person than the person the woman in question just left. It’s also slightly implied that the relationship in question was actually somewhat abusive, but it’s still mostly about Mr. Big being a great replacement. The chorus is also kind of presented as a singalong, with most of the band harmonizing while Eric Martin dances above the main chorus with his own little vocal flourishes. It’s not so different that one can’t just say “look at how Extreme this is,” however.

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One Response to Mr. Big – To Be With You

  1. RBerman says:

    And in fact, this fun song even more closely resembles Extreme’s other, more upbeat acoustic hit “Hole Hearted” (, which also has a B&W video but is probably about the quest for religious fulfillment rather than romantic satisfaction. Hard to tell with those masters of the double entendre. Like “Hole Hearted,” “To Be With You” has the big gang harmonies where “More Than Words” is more of an Everly Brothers close harmony duo homage.

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