Vanessa Williams – Save The Best For Last

First Hit #1: March 21, 1992

The sun never goes around the moon, that is an astronomical impossibility. The snow does sometimes go down in June though, I live in Canada and know this.

On to the song itself, it’s kind of interesting to listen to a song about the mythical “friend zone” from a woman’s perspective, as it’s all about someone who really wants to be dating a friend who finally gets the chance. It’s not that the song wouldn’t work when sung by a man, but it’s nice to hear the common complaint cutting in both directions. Otherwise, it’s a pretty typical ballad, coated in just enough Velveeta that I was kind of convinced it was a soundtrack hit from something a bit cheesy. Turns out it’s actually not, somehow, it’s just a song that sounds like it should be on the soundtrack to something. I’m not sure exactly what the soundtrack vibe is, but the song definitely feels like it belongs over end credits.

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One Response to Vanessa Williams – Save The Best For Last

  1. RBerman says:

    An unremarkable arrangement, but quite a lovely melody, and a pleasant performance from the erstwhile Miss America.

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