Kris Kross – Jump

First Hit #1: April 25, 1992

It’s easy to dismiss Kris Kross as a pair of kids who didn’t understand how clothes worked. It had to be the strangest gimmick ever pumped up for a group’s image, but it didn’t really help their cause as respectable artists. Even with a massive hit, they are roundly dismissed as another bad little fad, no matter how much they might object to that in the song. A song about missing the bus probably didn’t help either.

Truth be told, they are better than that. Jump is a ridiculously catchy song, and for two kids found in a shopping mall named Chris, the duo actually has respectable flow. Now, mind you, they’re kids and sound like kids, but they carry the song quite well and have a good presence. It’s also helped that they’re produced by Jermaine Dupri, who eventually kind of defined 1990s pop music. In this case, he’s given both Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac a chorus that is ridiculously catchy and a song that’s actually pretty decent, all things told. Juvenile rap is always a shaky genre, because it always feels a bit like a novelty rather than a serious attempt at music, but Kris Kross managed a song that was legitimately fun, and much better than you’d expect.

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One Response to Kris Kross – Jump

  1. RBerman says:

    Does this count as a novelty track due to the kid performers? The whole “wearing clothes backwards” is just an example of the general trend that clothing fads among poor people tend to take the form of “wearing the clothes you already own in a weird way.” Thus the “overalls with one strap undone” thing in the Color Me Badd video a few days ago. This year in my community, all the kids are wearing unmatched socks. And so on.

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