The Heights – How Do You Talk To An Angel

First Hit #1: November 14, 1992

The Heights was a band put together for a television series, with their big song serving as the show’s theme song. Oddly, while nobody actually watched the heights – the show was well on its way to cancellation even when the song was popular – for some reason the songs did catch on. I’m not sure what the reason was, though a certain affection for power ballads in 1992 had to have helped, because How Do You Talk To An Angel isn’t really a great song. It’s not the arrangement, which is largely fine, it’s the fact that the lyrics are so goofy. They fumble towards profundity, but they’re an incoherent mess, a car crash of metaphors. It almost feels like send up on crappy power ballads, as talking to an angel is compared to catching a falling star and the whole thing collapses under its own contrivances, all delivered by a man with breathy vocals who seems to be trying to sound rougher than he actually is. Still, it caught on where the show failed, so it had to do something right, though good timing probably didn’t hurt.

Still, if I’m going to listen to a song from a failed early-90s television musical, I’ll take the ridiculously catchy black market baby trade anthem “Baby Merchant” from Cop Rock, which is the most singable song about selling children that somehow never was released as a single.

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One Response to The Heights – How Do You Talk To An Angel

  1. RBerman says:

    See, if I had been asked to predict what sort of song could possibly dethrone the newly (and briefly) crowned “Longest song at #1,” namely “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men, I would not have guessed it would be a one-hit-wonder version of Bon Jovi, doing a power ballad with an early 80s sax. It’s at least a little fun for a song from TV cross over to radio, which has happened less and less as the chart approaches the present.

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