Silk – Freak Me

First Hit #1: May 1, 1993

Writing about sex is difficult because if you go too far in the wrong direction, it starts to sound silly, and when you start getting too freaky it starts sounding more gross than appealing. Ludacris’ Sex Room, for example, turns into a weird joke because the activities described with in sound so far from sexy, because he goes a bit too far. Freak Me is constantly running the danger of going into a silly and gross direction, lick you up and down is one of those lines that could be utterly absurd in the wrong hands. But the song works, because the vocalists are actually pretty sexy, and they can make anything that they sing sound pretty sexy actually. Silk makes getting freaky sound like something you’d want to do, preferably with a member of Silk. The mechanics of what they’re doing don’t matter, it’s the delivery, they sell how sexy they are and as a result the song sounds extremely erotic. Yet, get someone else in there, it’s likely the song would be placed quite firmly in the realm of the absurd.

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One Response to Silk – Freak Me

  1. RBerman says:

    I wrote about “That’s the Way Love Goes” first, so I didn’t realize this was “slow jams” month on the Top 40. Does the verse delivery count as rap? It shares rap’s realization that if the chorus is good enough (the chorus appears a total of five times in four and a half minutes), you can go from “boring verse melody” to just “talk the verse” without losing the listener. Later in the song we get a gospel bridge and a breakdown chorus.

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