SWV – Weak

First Hit #1: July 10, 1993

If we can identify a trend for 1993 so far, it’s sexy music. There’s a second trend we can bring up tomorrow, but today we’ve got another hit from the sensual side of R&B.

That said, SWV’s Weak might not quite stand on the same level as the previous sexy hits. It’s a bit more generic – heartfelt and genuine, but not anything we haven’t heard before – and it’s a bit lower budget. The singers of SWV are fine, but they’re singing over production best described as inexpensive, simple synthesizers that do the job but are somewhat underwhelming. They kind of come off as plucky underdogs from a movie about singing – they might not have the resources of Janet Jackson or even Silk, but they’ve got good voices, charm and determination, and that’s enough to put them on top, albeit briefly.

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One Response to SWV – Weak

  1. RBerman says:

    Yeah, this is more of a typical R&B ballad than a slow jam. The tempo is actually fairly brisk, and the melody syncopated, but the half-time percussion keeps things mellow. As far as the lyrics, Belinda Carlisle had a similarly themed song, “I Get Weak,” back in 1987.

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