Mariah Carey – Fantasy

First Hit #1: September 30, 1995

When you have a voice like Mariah Carey, there’s always a temptation to have her do everything she’s able to do. It’s a difficult trick to put that all in the same song, but there’s a solution to the problem if you’re willing to take full advantage of multi-track recording. You could make a small army of Mariah Careys, each focusing on a different part of her range and, in a feat of technology and planning, have your multiple Careys harmonize and collaborate. Then, put the whole thing over a trendy and enjoyable beat, and you’ve got yourself a song.

Fantasy easily the best song Carey has produced up until this point, a master stroke of pop perfection and technical skill. It wouldn’t work with very many other women, it’s a song that requires technical perfection in the studio to get the multiple tracks to work together, it needs someone with that amount of control to pull off the vocal acrobatics required. It also needs to sound effortless, which it does, because it has to have a sense of unbridled joy to fit the lyrics and theme of the song. It’s a fun song, and it reinforces that the best way to handle Carey’s voice is to layer it on top of itself, leading to a kind of sandwich of vocal texture. It’s never quite clear what the dominant flavor will be from moment to moment, but that shift in flavors makes the song exciting and refreshing.

I do not understand the creepy clown that introduces the video, I think he wandered in from another shoot.

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2 Responses to Mariah Carey – Fantasy

  1. RBerman says:

    “Scary clown” is not what most people think of when you say “Fantasy,” nor does the clown fit with the “boardwalk amusement park” video theme. The song is peppy and catchy. I can’t say it distinguishes itself from her other peppy, catchy songs through any special production. lyrical, or vocal elements, but at least it shows that Carey can still do the voodoo that she do so well. There’s an outro vamp but no formal bridge.

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