Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me

First Hit #1: March 23, 1996

I can understand liking Because You Loved Me. It’s sincere, it’s vaguely inspiring, it’s a pretty simple lyrical message and doesn’t take a lot to understand. But, my god, do I hate Because You Loved Me. It’s just everything wrong with a mid-90s ballad, tied to a fairly repetitive premise and a generally boring structure. Add to the fact that it was played large amounts, everything I didn’t very much has just been pounded into my head until I hated the song. I might have called One Sweet Day treacle, and maybe it is, but it at least had a bit chorus and felt as though everyone involved was channeling some real emotion in the recording. Dion is kind of phoning it in here – which is a weird thing to say about a woman who does a rather nutty sustained note at one point – because she doesn’t sound that engaged by the material. But maybe I’m projecting, maybe it’s because I’m not engaged by what is essentially a grocery list of devotion, and I can’t spot anything particularly special about the song before me. It’s just Velveeta, and all that implies.

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One Response to Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me

  1. RBerman says:

    I neither love nor hate it. It’s a perfectly serviceable Diane Warren/David Foster soul ballad in Céline Dion’s typical Streisand-meets-Houston style, also perfectly suited for inspirational use in a movie, which is exactly where it ended up (in the Redford/Pfeiffer kissyface movie “Up Close and Personal”). Dion had been around long enough at this point (21 albums (!) though mostly in French) that it’s surprising this was only her second #1.

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