Hanson – MMMBop

First Hit #1: May 24, 1997

Let’s take a break from all the death of 1997 and listen to some children. Hanson is still around and still making music, their albums have even received decent reviews. But, they’re still haunted by something they did when they were children, which is kind of unfair really. It’s especially unfair since, years after its ubiquity, MMMBop is an enjoyable track. Sure, there’s not much to it other than being a bunch of sounds that are kind of neat together – it’s just syllables, nothing more. Even the verses don’t quite sound like anything, every so often you get a few recognizable words but it’s generally a bunch of mush. It could be in a foreign language and nobody would notice. Still, it’s fun, a little goofy, and the kids behind it are enjoying themselves. It wore out its welcome, and the band has never really lived it down, but that’s kind of unfair. Isn’t pop supposed to be fun?

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One Response to Hanson – MMMBop

  1. RBerman says:

    Two verses, chorus, verse, chorus, vamp verse, chorus, two vamp verses, breakdown, full chorus. Were the verses in English? I never could tell. I like thinking of it as a catchy foreign language tune, maybe Dragostea Din Tei a few years early. The surprise is not that some kids had a big bubblegum pop hit, but that they even played some of the instruments. Did they get the full Tiger Beat teen idol treatment? I don’t recall it, but then again I’m no expert in that field. Were there any other top hits that had as much scratching as this one? That was kind of a mid 80s thing.

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