Monica – Angel of Mine

First Hit #1: February 13, 1999

Angel of Mine is just another love song really. Monica – and Eternal before her – loves a man, and here is a big list of reasons why she cares so deeply for this individual, as well as a few statements of devotion towards the individual. It’s a bit busy overall – it’s trying to combine a few different tricks of balladry and comes across as a bit messy as a result, almost as if she’s singing two different (but similar) songs playing at once. It’s arguably nothing special, but it’s also not anything bad, and it fits really nicely into a radio playlist – if anything, it needs to be on FM radio while you drive home after a busy weekend. It doesn’t seem like it should hit the top of the charts, but I can understand why it did.

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One Response to Monica – Angel of Mine

  1. RBerman says:

    I’m not nuts about the harpsichord keyboard patch that anchors the song, but this song has a terrific melodic hook. The verses and choruses have the same chord progression which hang out around the root and the fifth degree of the scale respectively, so they could be overlapped for a nice canon or descant if so desired.

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