Jennifer Lopez – If You Had My Love

First Hit #1: June 12, 1999

Jennifer Lopez is credited with being a part of the Latin wave referenced yesterday, but musically she’s really not. This isn’t something that couldn’t have come from the mouth of a Monica or Mariah. The sound is pretty much typical pop music from the era, with a omnipresent, bass-heavy production and a hip-hop influence. Her voice is pretty much typical pop act, maybe a bit more mature than some of them, but she isn’t really too far out on the edge of the musical firmament. The video does have a bizarre non sequitur that tries to cram in some Latin references, but it doesn’t fit – it actually sounds like a major audio glitch on the part of the people putting the video together – and Lopez is much more comfortable being a pretty typical American pop star than part of some kind of musical movement.

If You Had My Love isn’t on the vanguard, and I don’t think Lopez particularly wants to be. She’s a pop act and actress swinging for mainstream success, and her music is a competently assembled bid for that mainstream acceptability.

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One Response to Jennifer Lopez – If You Had My Love

  1. RBerman says:

    Lopez had an acting gig as early as 1986 but didn’t see big success until “The Wedding Planner” in 2001. Like Madonna,Lopez’s original point of entry into the biz was “dancer.” This song started life as the song “If I Gave Love” for R&B singer Chante Moore; you can hear the two songs juxtaposed here, with commentary by Moore about the backstory: Either way, it’s a catchy song, suitable for someone like Lopez who’s not really much of a singer. Would have been nice to hear it by someone like Whitney Houston, though.

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