Enrique Iglasias – Bailamos

First Hit #1: September 4, 1999

It’s weird associating Enrique Iglasias with Ricky Martin, since their respective corners of the Latin Pop invasion are pretty different. Iglasias is firmly in the sexy dance corner of the party, something he has become increasingly less subtle about in the years since his first hit. But this is his first hit, so he either still knows what subtlety is, or he just hides it in the Spanish part of the song. Here we have something seductive, a song that uses a bit of flamenco guitar and Iglasias’ somewhat sensual vocal delivery to give the impression of a bit of sex in there. It’s not a lot, and the song goes directly to a big dance moment in the chorus that kind of kills the mood, but it’s at least a bit fresh and inviting. It’s not hiding its pop roots, or the American influence that pervades the song, but it’s just different enough to be compelling. Or maybe I’m saying that because I’m a sucker for flamenco guitar.

Interestingly, this was also on the Wild Wild West soundtrack, proving the soundtrack department of that movie had better commercial instincts than anyone else working on it.

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One Response to Enrique Iglasias – Bailamos

  1. RBerman says:

    This was not only *on* the soundtrack, but was also *from* the soundtrack, as far as the American market was concerned. Iglesias subsequently got a record deal in the States. It’s a song about clubbing, a theme seen more and more often on the pop charts over the following ten years.

    American audiences will recognize this song’s rhythm from Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita,” though of course she was borrowing from its Spanish origins. Vocally, he’s the male equivalent of Britney Spears: an adequate singer who looks good stroking his tummy, singing songs by two of the several guys who wrote Cher’s “Believe.”

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