Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You

First Hit #1: January 29, 2000

I once described Savage Garden as what would happen if Mariah Carey turned into two men. I might have to revise this assessment, since Carey also tries to be on speaking terms with something edgier and adult, while Savage Garden has gone in the other direction, going full bore into songs for teen girls. This song is a fairy tale, a fantasy, the whole thing being about predestined love and harmony, something which is really appealing to teenagers who aren’t quite willing to accept the inherent messiness of adulthood. Everything about the song is slightly juvenile, from the lyrics to the music to even Darren Hayes’ voice, which goes so high it seems almost pre-pubescent at points. It’s a recipe for hits, make no mistake, teen girls love spending money on music to an almost irrational degree, but it’s also something that feels kind of silly the older you get, you’re in more relationships, and you realize that fairy tale romance is not only unrealistic, it might not even be desirable.

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One Response to Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You

  1. RBerman says:

    I like the chorus music (melody and delivery, falsetto and all) a lot; the verse is more “meh.” Still nothing here that makes me think they aren’t the 90s Air Supply, including the key change before the last choruses. I guess there will always be “love at first sight” songs and people who listen to them and hope the dream will become their reality.

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