Aaliyah – Try Again

First Hit #1: June 17, 2000

Judging by Try Again, Aaliyah was on her way to becoming the next Janet Jackson, largely because she’s one of those artists who doesn’t really stand on top of the song, usually blending into the overall mix and working from within. She’s not a weak singer, but she’s kind of got a modest voice, and her attempts at a virtuoso vocal is mostly pretty mild – the high notes, especially when she sings the word “succeed,” are nice enough but still quite modest compared to most of the divas of the age. She’s here as one cog in a much larger dance machine, and it does work very well. Aaliyah’s music is pretty decent dance music, but it does remind me of Jackson’s hits, where she kind of floats between the beats and is a bit of soft texture to compliment the harder components of the beat.

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One Response to Aaliyah – Try Again

  1. RBerman says:

    After the way R&B shut out pop in the 90s due to the “must be available for sale as a single” rule, it’s ironic that the first song to actually benefit from changing that rule was this R&B song from the soundtrack of Aaliyah’s action movie “Romeo Must Die.” I agree that she’s is positioning herself as Janet 2.0, with some Madonna “singing/dancing/acting” ambition thrown in to boot. Sadly, she would be known more for her illegal teen marriage to R. Kelly and her untimely death than for the fruits of a long career. Is this the first #1 song produced by Tim “Timbaland” Mosley? He’s had quite the impresario career since then. Musically, the most noteworthy thing about this song is the fat analog synth sound.

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