Sisqo – Incomplete

First Hit #1: August 12, 2000

It’s a rare song that manages to be a sincere love song and make it’s main character seem like a massive, massive douchebag. Some of this is intentional – this is a song about the singer’s regrets, especially in the middle verses – but it’s also an inevitable side effect of the song itself. The entire foundation of the song is that the singer is incredibly wealthy and successful but still regrets losing a lost love, and it’s difficult to talk about wealth without it coming across as an attempt at bragging. But it’s actually just one reference that brings me to the douchebag conclusion – repeated mentions of how the singer can get any woman he wants, apart from the woman he actually wants. Is it really the best way to open a song begging for reconciliation by mentioning how totally easy it is to get laid? And is it a good idea to reference that in the chorus too? It’s sincere, and it’s coming from a genuine place, and it makes me home that no woman was actually seduced by it.

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One Response to Sisqo – Incomplete

  1. RBerman says:

    Sisqo can sing, and he can do gymnastics, but he’s clearly in the ranks of those who have not discovered that you won’t win your woman back by confessing how meaningless your awesomeness is without her. Talk about her, not you! Idiot. Structurally, we’ve got two verses with choruses, a rote bridge, and to top it off a Barry Manilow whole step modulation. Is this a Weird Al parody?

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