Madonna – Music

First Hit #1: September 16, 2000

Madonna’s Ray of Light was a career-revitalizing album. It produced some of the best music of her career and was a genuinely exciting record. Naturally, she didn’t get a single number one from it, and now we’re at Music.

It’s appropriate that this is the name of the album, and the single, as it is definitely a description of the product you receive. Yes, this is music. The weak lyrics do describe some of the effects of music – it does, in fact, bring people together, you’re correct Madonna – but there’s really not much more to the song. It’s pretty much a low-effort disco track, and the worst part is it’s a song that really doesn’t need its credited artist. It’s a producer’s special, but the production is simply not as exciting as a lot of the other big hits coming around this time and Madonna is simply not given much to do. The Ali G-centric video seems to confirm this, there’s nothing special here, let’s have a well known comedic character, why not?

I actually don’t hate Music as an album, in spite of my misgivings about the song.

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One Response to Madonna – Music

  1. RBerman says:

    It’s an OK album, and an OK song. But Ray of Light was a much better song, so I’m sorry we didn’t get to discuss it here, instead of this minimalist bit of demagoguery.

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