Joe feat. Mystikal – Stutter

First Hit #1: February 24, 2001

Now here’s a much more typical treatment of a relationship gone sour, and more typical in most ways. Stutter suggests that a stutter indicates lying, at least in this relationship, but in all honesty, this is a song built around a studio effect. Someone figured out how to make a vocal sound like a stutter, and the song was built around that idea, so you get a bit of a stutter effect in the chorus and the song is built primarily around that idea. Is that enough of an idea for a song? Well, not really, but it’s a start of a pretty standard take on a cheating spouse, as in the verses Joe also chronicles the things that can’t be replicated by a studio effect, such as unfamiliar cologne. In all honesty, it’s enough to make it stand out, and chopping up the vocal is a kind of thing that is getting pretty big during this time – credit to Destiny’s Child for that – and Joe has taken a pretty stock topic and given it an okay chorus. It works well enough, though it’s hardly an exciting song, especially if you listen to it immediately after Outkast.

Also, Mystikal’s verse is incredibly annoying.

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One Response to Joe feat. Mystikal – Stutter

  1. RBerman says:

    Woah, speaking of sugar and spice! I know I made fun of Joe’s mononym last time we saw him, but seriously, that’s a lousy professional nom de plume. His vocals are well done, but I couldn’t pick him out of an R&B lineup. Mystikal is another matter; that can’t be good for his voice. Still, the song has some good hooks, plus that hiccupy effect which exemplifies the trend toward increased vocal processing: Not only autotune, but choppy effects culminating in songs like BT’s “Somnambulist” (, whose “yeah, yeahs” would get ripped off by Bruno Mars’ “Grenade.”

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