Janet Jackson – All For You

First Hit #1: April 14, 2001

In spite of the breathy – and oddly catchy, I find myself singing it at unexpected moments – chorus, Janet Jackson isn’t quite content to blend in on All For You. Her voice is much more prominent here than I usually expect, and she’s also using Mariah Carey-esque production tricks. She still doesn’t have the voice of a diva, no matter what she does – this remains more quietly pleasant than particularly forceful – but Jackson is a much more forceful presence here, and a component of the song that is more prominent and pulls greater focus.

It’s not perfect, there’s a bit of robot voice that seems to be thrown in because people are doing lots of robot voice. But there are often odd choices made in order to conform with pop trends. The biggest change from Janet as usual is that she is the driving force in the strong instead of texture, and that change is welcome overall.

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One Response to Janet Jackson – All For You

  1. RBerman says:

    As usual for her, Janet’s e-minions have blocked her videos in the USA, but this lyric video works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nokGk8h5YDU

    It’s a surprisingly libidinous lyric for her. She’s admiring his “package” at the club, but apparently he lacks confidence and needs some encouragement about how easy she’d be for him. Much better beats than yesterday’s Shaggy song, and some funky 70s guitar sounds, disco space effects, and intertwined vocals add to the fun.

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