Mary J. Blige – Family Affair

First Hit #1: November 3, 2001

Lyrically, Mary J. Blige has written a song that could easily be a disco hit. It’s all about hitting the dance floor, and partying away all your worries. It’s slightly more clever than it needs to be on that account, but in general it’s got a good vibes, party all the time viewpoint. Reading the lyrics will in no way prepare you for the way the song actually sounds.

Musically, it’s a pretty typical Dr. Dre production, and Dre loves to make his music slightly ominous. Repetitive strings are really the core of the song, and it’s at a tempo odd enough to make dancing awkward at the bare minimum. I actually can’t imagine how you would dance to this, unless it’s like Crispin Glover in Friday the 13th Part 4. Blige’s carefree lyrics contrast heavily with Dre’s ominous beat, and they kind of work together even while they don’t work at all. It’s such an odd contrast in styles, and while you can’t dance to it you can at least sit in the corner and enjoy it.

Besides, it was the end of 2001, nobody really felt like dancing anyway.

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One Response to Mary J. Blige – Family Affair

  1. RBerman says:

    Bonus points for the lyrical description of a dance floor relationship as “percolating.” Blige’s dancing seems Janet Jacksonish, but her vocals are much better. The minor key synth strings do lend an air of menace to her invitation. I wish the background track had some sort of modulation, but no, it sounds the same the whole way through.

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