Jennifer Lopez feat. Ja Rule – Ain’t It Funny

First Hit #1: March 9, 2002

Ain’t It Funny is probably a better use of Ja Rule, since the song starts with Jennifer Lopez rejecting a man. If there’s someone who deserves rejection, it’s probably Ja Rule, especially since he begins this song talking about butts. His artistic persona is a thoroughly objectionable human being, and it makes sense for a woman to roundly reject him. In one way, it’s a missed opportunity, something that requires a more of a call and response or two artists who are willing to do some vocal sparring. Instead, we get Lopez singing about rejecting a man, and Ja Rule just rapping about how much of a prick he is. It would have been great to have a song about a woman calling a Ja Rule on his crap, but since he’s not really engaging it doesn’t feel very cohesive, even if the Lopez does a pretty great job on her end with a song mocking the prick she just dumped. But then again, it’s actually kind of entertaining in an unexpected way, since it’s about a woman who just can’t win, because her ex is an oblivious man child who can’t stop thinking about butts and Ferraris when she’s repeatedly calling him out on his behavior. It’s funny because no matter how cruel Lopez is to this ex, he never quite gets what the problem is.

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One Response to Jennifer Lopez feat. Ja Rule – Ain’t It Funny

  1. RBerman says:

    In Rule’s defense, he would not be the first person to comment on Lopez’ posterior. But who thought it was a good idea for her not to dance in the video? That’s what she is: a dancer who sometimes sings and acts and sells cosmetics. Anyway, this is a song that baffles me how it got to #40, let alone #1. The deliberately detuned backing music is just annoying. The melody and arrangement sound like Destiny’s Child rejects. I guess Ja Rule was just the golden boy that year, fitting in multiple shoutouts to his murderous (literally) crew while boasting about owning a Cadillac. Was that really a big thing in 2002?

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