Ashanti – Foolish

First Hit #1: April 20, 2002

Ashanti seems almost too nice for Murder Inc, which is kind of appropriate when you consider Foolish, which is about a girl too nice for the relationship she’s in. It’s implied to be an abusive one in some way – though whether it’s emotionally or physically abusive, or both, isn’t entirely clear – and the song is about how difficult it is to leave that kind of relationship. It actually has a sort of strange insight into that situation, since people in these relationships do find it incredibly difficult to leave them. Unfortunately, the song kind of accidentally romanticizes the relationship because it’s Ashanti at her sweetest singing the song. She doesn’t really sing with pain in her voice, it’s a beautiful, smooth texture that doesn’t quite rise in the mix – Janet Jackson esque, in that way – and it kind of makes whatever she’s singing about feel, well, a lot nicer than it is. There’s pain in having someone like Ashanti in the situation in the song, but it still is deceptively sweet if you don’t pay close attention.

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One Response to Ashanti – Foolish

  1. RBerman says:

    Ashanti was so hot in 2002 that while this song was #1, she also sang on Fat Joe’s “What’s Love?” which was at #2. Not to mention that her work on Ja Rule’s “Always on Time” was still in the Top Ten. This says more about Murder, Inc.’s success as a music machine than about Ashanti herself. She’s just not that awesome as a singer, definitely much more in Janet territory than Mariah territory. Like Jennifer Lopez she’s a dancer, not a diva. Perhaps the appeal of this song was in the lyrics, which tell the all-too-common tale of a woman without the gumption to leave a bad man behind. But even then, the chorus undercuts its own effectiveness by singing all the words through twice rather than coming up with a new thought the second time around.

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