50 Cent – In Da Club

First Hit #1: March 8, 2003

In Da Club is annoying. Whether it’s 50 Cent’s mush-mouthed delivery or the simplistic beat, it really gets on a guy’s nerves. Yet, it was a career-maker, the song that ensured 50 Cent would be an international celebrity in spite of not possessing any great talent. The lyrics, apart from the quotable opening lines, are largely an incomprehensible mess, with 50 Cent enunciating in a manner that would make a primary school teacher angry with rage. It’s just so simplistic, so repetitive, and so barely there, a song that wears out its welcome quickly but then keeps going, as though it can ingratiate itself with repetitive hammer blows.

But it’s a hit, because it’s an easy choice. If it’s someone’s birthday, and you have Bacardi lying around, it’s a song that gets played. In fact, those opening lines are probably heard more than any other line in the song, because it’s that snippet that catches ears and makes people curious, especially if they’re already laden with white rum. When the song was ubiquitous, it was those opening lines that got all the play, and the rest of the song was largely ignored or at least in the background.

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One Response to 50 Cent – In Da Club

  1. RBerman says:

    In the third sentence, I think you mean, “In spite of NOT possessing any great talent.” He does, however, have an awesome six pack abdomen, which goes a long way in celebrityhood. The intro I unusually long (over a minute) for a six minute song. I agree that the song itself doesn’t have a whole lot to speak for it. The vocal and instrumental rhythm are fine, but they don’t go anywhere. Needs a few more ideas to fill it out.

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