Sean Paul – Get Busy

First Hit #1: May 10, 2003

The year 2003 was dominated by what I will term stupid club music, and here’s the next stupid club track. Sean Paul has made a song about shaking butts, and as refreshing as it might be that he’s not really trying for anything more than making sexy ladies move their butts, it’s perhaps less than interesting outside of the club atmosphere. Which isn’t anything against Paul – he clearly wanted to make a club track and had little to no interest in how it played in other contexts. It’s frantic, with Paul’s vocals providing a counterpoint to the chaos of the beat, given that they take the relative smoothness of reggae and Paul’s own accent to make something which counteracts the pure chaos underneath. That’s kind of interesting, but it’s also pretty one note, and it doesn’t really change much over the course of the track. In the right context, sure, it’s at least something to pick people up to, but it’s also a song that doesn’t play well in other contexts, since without a whole pile of sexy butts around it doesn’t have much use.

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2 Responses to Sean Paul – Get Busy

  1. RBerman says:

    Occasional stupid club music is to be expected; young people listen to and make pop music, and young people utilize clubs as part of their mating rituals, so of course clubs will come up. But sadly, in the last ten years, the topic of clubs has overtaken pop music to a pathetic degree. It’s like the late 70s all over again. That said, the hypnotic singsong of Sean Paul’s delivery is pretty cool, like Nelly with more melodic variety.

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