Nelly, P. Diddy, Murphy Lee – Shake Ya Tailfeathers

First Hit #1: September 6, 2003

Bad Boys 2 is an overstuffed goofball of a movie, full of stars and heavy production values that should fall apart at any second, but somehow works anyway. There’s a good reason why “Shit just got real” has become a comically absurd reaction to an escalating situation, and not just because of the frankly brilliant Hot Fuzz. It’s just a line that captures the ridiculous nature of the film.

The soundtrack to Bad Boys 2 features Shake Ya Tailfeathers, a song that references the film multiple times, and it attempts the same trick. Lots of names – though Murphy Lee isn’t quite as famous as Nelly or P. Diddy – enough production tricks for several songs, and something that seems like it would totally go off the rails if it wasn’t surprisingly successful in its aims. It’s not a great song – since it’s so concerned with the film itself there’s a feeling that it is aware of this – but it’s something that captures the mood and atmosphere of the film, fully aware that the mood and atmosphere of the film is totally insane. It just kind of rolls from subject to subject, aware of how goofy it all is and totally comfortable with that fact. Shit never gets real really, but it does get at least entertaining.

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One Response to Nelly, P. Diddy, Murphy Lee – Shake Ya Tailfeathers

  1. RBerman says:

    I don’t think we’ve heard police sirens at #1 before. Another good example of singsong rather than rap, a style that I link with Jamaican music. Also another club song about how the woman’s shape, attire, and movements incite desire. This one has some surprising cartoon references to Thundercats and Voltron though, and I particularly liked, “I got so many keys, you’d think I’m valet parking.”

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