Ludacris feat. Shawnna – Stand Up

First Hit #1: December 6, 2003

Stand Up is one of those songs that doesn’t quite work as its own. The shouts of Stand Up and the chorus itself are better suited to a clever DJ shoving them into a bigger mix, it’s something that seems almost designed to be a sample and a small supporting role in a larger dance program. The line Stand Up to get attention, then other bits spread about in the midst of other samples and ideas. On its own, it’s really repetitive, with a beat that can’t quite sustain itself over the entire running time. Ludacris’ verses are largely fine – even if any radio edit suffers death by 1,000 cuts – but they’re not quite interesting or compelling enough to make up for the song’s other shortcomings, and they generally stand as forgettable in the face of the big chorus. But that big chorus can’t sustain itself either, making a song that feels like a single ingredient for a much more interesting cake. Just as one would never eat a box of Baking Soda but would use it readily to bake things, it’s probably not a good idea to listen to Stand Up on its own instead of putting it in a much more interesting mash up or dance mix.

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One Response to Ludacris feat. Shawnna – Stand Up

  1. RBerman says:

    Certainly more bleeped words than anything else we’ve seen here so far. I like the beat and his raspy vocals, but as you say, everything that makes this song appealing has played out in the first thirty seconds. The lyrics are a typical rap peacock strut about wealth and sexual prowess. Does this technique work? Apparently sometimes. Alanis Morrisette would ruefully say, “I used to be attracted to boys who would lie to me/And think solely about themselves/You were plenty self-destructive for my tastes at the time.” Maybe Lorde’s “Royals” will put this meme to bed.

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