Outkast feat. Sleepy Brown – The Way You Move

First Hit #1: February 14, 2004

Outkast has long been a group that makes music that is more intelligent and complex than it really has to be, and has been a rare group with singles that reflect this habit. So it’s almost disappointing that The Way You Move is trending towards something more typical and more predictable. It is a song about attractive women, and while it’s a very good song about attractive women – albeit one that becomes borderline unlistenable if you’re stuck with a radio edit – and features some amusing turns of phrase, it’s really not as good as the group can be. Does that matter? Maybe it does. Maybe, in a fit of giving credit to the record buying public, that is part of the reason why Hey Ya! was on the top for more weeks. That song had more emotional depth than this, and it rewarded repeat listens. This is just pretty good, not great, a song that is far from low effort and is resolutely catchy, but is also not better than it has to be. With Outkast, one almost expects that they’ll bring out a song that’s better than it has to be, so you get disappointed when instead of redefining what pop music can do, instead we get a song that just colors within the lines.

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One Response to Outkast feat. Sleepy Brown – The Way You Move

  1. RBerman says:

    A much more generic rap song than “Hey Ya,” with the hooks confined to the repetitive chorus, and lacking the rhythmic adventurousness. The lyrics are a typical “dancing woman looks attractive” bit. The Roland TR-808 drum machine gets a specific callout, not for the last time in a pop song.

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