Juvenile feat. Soulja Slim – Slow Motion

First Hit #1: August 7, 2004

It’s always awkward when a posthumous record is pretty terrible. Slow Motion, featuring the late Soulja Slim on a verse, is not a good song, built around repetition of a line about slow motion and very little else. The verses are basically about the rappers’ amazing penises, and neither man on the track is all that impressive, lacking both energy and anything interesting to say. The worst part is that the whole thing is put over a beat that confuses minimalism with being boring. It feels like amateur hour, a bunch of half-baked ideas that never really grow into anything worth listening to, wearing its welcome out well before the song has any intention of ending. It might have been popular, and a tribute to the late guest star, but that doesn’t mean it’s any good, and in the end it’s just one of those songs that fades into the ether in spite of being briefly part of the zeitgeist.

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One Response to Juvenile feat. Soulja Slim – Slow Motion

  1. RBerman says:

    Another day, another club song. I presume Soulja Slim is the rapper on the second verse? He’s better than Juvenile. Another gang-related tragedy, it appears.

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