Terror Squad – Lean Back

First Hit #1: August 21, 2004

Lean Back might feature the least interesting dance craze in the history of the genre. All you do is lean back, that barely counts as dancing, it’s just waiting for the bus.

It’s otherwise just kind of fit with what was popular at the time, chronicling the lifestyles of the wealthy and mildly disreputable. Just bragging, wall to wall, as everyone talks about their fancy cars and criminal pasts in a particularly foul-mouthed way. One might question why the entry-level BMW 7-series is cited, just because you’d expect someone bragging about their copious amounts of stuff to at least pick up the most expensive model. That example is also kind of representative of the process of the song – with name dropping of brands and specific products, it has no intention of sticking around, it’s not a song with a long tail. Terror Squad knows that Lean Back really is just there for a moment before slipping away in the mists of time, and they’re not pretending it has any staying power. Bragging about brand names is a short-term way to make a buck, and the lifestyle described in the song is just as short term. That the song doesn’t really work a decade later then isn’t a big deal.

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One Response to Terror Squad – Lean Back

  1. RBerman says:

    I guess when you’re obese, leaning back qualifies as busting a move. The song exemplifies rap’s fetishizing of consumerism. Country music also comes from some of the most impoverished parts of the country, but it rarely celebrates conspicuous consumption; rather, it revels in doing things on the cheap. It doesn’t feel the need for a sung chorus, though it does have that Middle Eastern-sounding ostinato throughout.

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