Ciara fear. Petey Pablo – Goodies

First Hit #1: September 11, 2004

With Goodies, Ciara decides to live on the edge of her range, creating a bizarre whisper of a noise that doesn’t really sound sexy or even all that interesting, but it doesn’t resemble too much else. Maybe it’s the sound of Janet Jackson slowly being inflated. It’s otherwise a pretty typical pop song of the period, particularly on Petey Pablo’s verses, but Ciara’s sitting in such a strange part of her range that it turns it into something entirely unexpected. Not something good, perhaps, it’s annoying and feels as though it could enrage nearby dogs. But it’s certainly unique, and it appears as though unique has actually sold records in this case. Whatever the song actually accomplishes, Ciara at least makes something unique. There’s probably a good reason for that.

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One Response to Ciara fear. Petey Pablo – Goodies

  1. RBerman says:

    Like Paula Abdul or Madonna, Ciara Harris is a dancer first and foremost, and a limited vocalist second. Her vocal range appears to include about three notes in the middle of the tenor range. I like Petey Pablo’s more bassy vocals, though.

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