Ne-Yo – So Sick

First Hit #1: March 18, 2006

Back on trend, Ne-Yo sings about being sad about a breakup. I normally don’t like Ne-Yo, I find him to be kind of a downer and not a particularly dynamic performer, but those qualities actually work with So Sick, since it’s actually supposed to be about someone who is a downer, and he doesn’t have to be all that dynamic. This is a song that plays very directly to Ne-Yo’s abilities and his habits, since he is pretty good at sounding fed up with himself. That is, after all, what it’s about, not about the relationship but instead about Ne-Yo’s own behavior. As a result, it actually feels personal and heartfelt from a guy who I generally find to be a bit cold and disengaged, but it works to his advantage that he kind of always sounds cold and disengaged – it’s what he wants to be in this context. It’s a singer whose own bad habits make the song feel more alive, while they generally don’t in other contexts. It is on trend to a fault, but that’s what gets it made in the first place. It’s on the top of the charts because it’s just so well suited to Ne-Yo, and while that doesn’t make it exciting or even really all that vital, it does make it a hit.

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One Response to Ne-Yo – So Sick

  1. RBerman says:

    “A downer who’s not dynamic” also describes his namesake “Neo” Anderson from the movie The Matrix too. Funny how those things work out; Keanu Reeves was perfect to play a guy who discovers he doesn’t really exist. Anyway Shaffer “Ne-Yo” Smith may be just an Usher wannabe, but the song itself has a nice melody. While a torch song by theme, its specific point is that sometimes it’s fun to wallow in being miserable, listening to music that reminds you of what you don’t have anymore. A reasonable and insightful observation, compared to most of the lyrics we’ve seen here lately (or indeed ever).

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