Sean Paul – Temperature

First Hit #1: April 1, 2006

Sean Paul has been doing an accessible reggae fusion for a while, and Temperature is as simple and direct as it gets – if you are cold, have sex with Sean Paul. The only really interesting thing about it is that it kind of defies the season. Lyrically, it’s a song for winter – after all, it’s a song about keeping someone warm. However musically it’s a song for summer, because it’s bright, fast-paced and vaguely tropical. Which, again, kind of makes it a song for winter, because it’s an escape from the cold, and this way Sean Paul can keep you warm not only with his love-making capabilities but also because his song is an appropriate distraction from the cold weather outside. Still, that said, it doesn’t quite feel appropriate for that weather either – weather I am naturally sitting in the middle of at the moment – because a sunny atmosphere does not quite fit an atmosphere where the sun is cold and distant. No wonder it was a hit at the leading edge of spring.

Also of note is the fact that the video awkwardly segues into another song, as though it’s part of some weird marketing effort for the next single.

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One Response to Sean Paul – Temperature

  1. RBerman says:

    His patois is so thick, this almost qualifies as a foreign language song. Lyrics search to the rescue! OK, this is another clubbing “Your dancing makes me horny” song. It namechecks the then-current reality TV show “Strange Love” about the brief romantic relationship between Danish model/”actress” Brigitte Nielsen and rapper Flava Flav. (Nielsen appears, um, well traveled.) The reference to 70s sitcom characters Fred Sanford and Grady is more forced, especially since Fred was apparently quite the (grizzled) ladies’ man.

    Modern Jamaican music has little patience for copyright; everything is shared, and some particular rhythm track gets used by everybody for a while, then dropped in favor of a new fad. The “three beats on, one off” rhythm of Temperature is a rhythm known as “Applause” which can be heard as the basis for a variety of songs, as medleyed here:

    Boy, this song has a lot of verses. But then the last minute of the video is a completely different Sean Paul song called “Breakout” (in its entirety here: Did they think “Temperature” was too short by itself? Confusing.

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