Taylor Hicks – Do I Make You Proud?

First Hit #1: July 1, 2006

No, you don’t.

The above was tempting largely because I can’t say much more about American Idol. Taylor Hicks has the exactly the same problem as all the other Idol winners – generic uplift that’s more about the story of being an American Idol winner than it is about whatever is supposed to make the artist unique. Hicks has the bigger problem of not really being able to get past the arrangement. No matter what he does, he is buried here, under a wall of guitar and unnecessary choir. When the song gets quiet he sounds fine, but the song itself kills him. It’s so much more about American Idol than it is about Hicks himself that the arrangement is beginning to reflect that. American Idol is the star, Hicks is just the guy that won.

It’s somewhat telling that this is the last time an American Idol single will turn up here.

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2 Responses to Taylor Hicks – Do I Make You Proud?

  1. RBerman says:

    It starts out as a typical inspirational “Wind Beneath My Wings” ballad, thanking those who helped him get where he is, but the lyrical hook betrays an anxiety that maybe he hasn’t lived up to the expectations of his mentors. I enjoy it more as the grist for Weird Al’s macabre stalker parody: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_U377vst5o

  2. peaches says:

    It’s a truly awful, schlocky song. Makes one wonder about the song he originally refused.

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