Fergie – London Bridge

First Hit #1: August 19, 2006

It’s never a surprise when a pop song borrows heavily from another, recently released pop song. For instance, let’s take London Bridge, which is basically Hollaback Girl with a more nonsensical central metaphor, and swears. I didn’t like Hollaback Girl originally, so I’d naturally be less than fond of a song that tries really hard to sound like it, but London Bridge is worse just because it doesn’t seem to know what it’s trying to say. It works in a reference to London, which is a callback to The Duchess, which is a reference to the fact that Fergie has the same name as Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, though Fergie is American and that doesn’t quite actually explain what the London Bridge is supposed to be referring to in the first place. It’s a chain of references that manages to say less than nothing, both musically and lyrically, and it’s a hit not due to the merits of the singers and songwriters but because Fergie was very famous at the time for some reason. I’ll be sure to complain a lot more about the Black Eyed Peas in the future, but for now, why listen to a knockoff of a song that wasn’t very good in the first place?

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2 Responses to Fergie – London Bridge

  1. RBerman says:

    This version plays in the USA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iCJ_cIZZBU

    The lyrics are vapid club stuff, of course. I like the drums and the descending pitch of the chant, though when I listen to its rhythm, I am distracted thinking about how it’s stolen from “Entry of the Gladiators” by Julius Fucik. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5csNO3oMrQ), which in America at least is now only known as a tune you would hear at a mid-20th Century circus.

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