Ludacris feat. Pharrell – Money Maker

First Hit #1: October 28, 2006

Another day, another song about butts. It’s difficult to really say much about it, because there have been many songs about butts, and while they’re varying levels of clever they’re all effectively the same. Money Maker is a better song than, say, Laffy Taffy, given that Ludacris and Pharrell at least have charisma and production talent. It’s fitfully funny, as songs about butts often are, though it’s not really much new or exciting either. Current trends are strange however, since they haven’t broke. Songs like Money Maker usually indicate that a certain style is getting played out and there’s going to be something different on the ascent – it’s a played out old idea. But it could also fit in quite comfortably on a chart seven years later. It’s weird, usually every ten years you see trends start to reach their nadir while new stuff rises to take its place. And in 2006 we’re definitely seeing some trends start to hit their low point. But, they haven’t gone away at all, which is curious.

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One Response to Ludacris feat. Pharrell – Money Maker

  1. RBerman says:

    Ludacris has excellent delivery which justifies his continued success. The lyrics exemplify the rise of an era in which pole dancing was a sign of physical fitness rather than desperation, and telling a girl that she danced like a stripper was apparently a compliment Ludacris also namechecks Pharrell’s BBC (Billionairre Boys’ Club) clothing line and his own DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace) record label. Rap artists became business moguls, or at least figureheads for businesses, with a regularity never attempted in previous generations of musicians. Nobody ever marketed Phil Collins wristwatches, as far as I know.

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