Justin Timberlake feat. TI – My Love

First Hit #1: November 11, 2006

You can take the man out of the boy band, but you can’t take the boy band out of the man. My Love definitely doesn’t sound much like an *Nsync track, if one wasn’t an English speaker it would sounds like a complete departure from Timberlake’s past. He’s singing in pure falsetto, he’s collaborating with rappers, he’s got a percussive beat in there and heavy electronic elements. It sounds new and fresh and completely different. Which is impressive, because it is definitely an *Nsync track in lyrics.

No matter what Timberlake does to hide it – and he does everything in his power to hide it – this is a surprisingly chaste love song expressing a desire to go steady and be together forever. It’s the kind of incredibly sincere and innocent ballad that works great for an artist going after the high school girl market. Timberlake knows that the high school girls are devoted, and he’s managed to write a song that is quite hilarious in its puppy love sentiments. It doesn’t sound like it’s going for that idea, and Timberlake did recently declare he was bringing sexy back, but then you get lines about walking down the beach holding hands and you realize that no matter how hard he tries, he’ll always be connected to his teenage dreamboat past.

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One Response to Justin Timberlake feat. TI – My Love

  1. RBerman says:

    Good point about the lyrics, which are basically a variation on, “Hello, I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?” As for the falsetto: Even among those singers who can do it well (Barry Gibb and Prince come to mind), those are never my favorite songs from them. Timberlake doesn’t do anything to alter my record on this account. Thankfully, he sings much of the song in his regular register.

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