Mims – This is Why I’m Hot

First Hit #1: March 10, 2007

Mims says he could sell a million by saying nothing on the track, and proves it with the completely meaningless line “I’m hot because I’m fly”. Repetition gets kind of ridiculous in 2007, whether it’s kind of well done or it’s very much not, and This is Why I’m Hot really is on the side of bad repetition, with the chorus just saying the same line repeatedly because it’s a bit under-cooked, rather than because Mims and crew have anything meaningful to say by it. Of course, it makes sense that repetition sells, as Beyonce proved earlier it makes a song easily recognizable and easy to learn, so you can sing along at full belt as you drive to work. This doesn’t actually inspire the same impromptu karaoke, and so it just makes one wonder why Mims didn’t write the rest of the chorus.

Otherwise, it’s just Mims talking about how great he is, making a great deal of effort to reference his betters – there are a ton of samples of more successful and interesting hip hop artists sprinkled throughout – trying to imply he’s somehow a superior artist while not really proving it via that via the song itself. And then the chorus kicks in and any lingering goodwill towards Mims is scuttled just because at a certain point, it’s annoying.

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One Response to Mims – This is Why I’m Hot

  1. RBerman says:

    “I could sell a mil saying nothing on the track.” Indeed, at least for the refrain. The rest is a throwback to early 90s boast rap.

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