Fergie feat. Ludacris – Glamorous

First Hit #1: March 24, 2007

Glamorous simultaneously proves Fergie’s worth as a singer and continues to make a case for her as an annoying person. She actually sings here, and her voice is actually quite pleasant and appealing. She almost redeems a song which is essentially about her bank account, makes it briefly feel a bit more downbeat and nostalgic before you notice it’s all just a way to brag. The lyrics also begin to get awkward and unpolished – a trend that’s honestly becoming more and more common lately, as though the desire to just pump out material trumps a need to give a final bit of polish or make something sound good while sung – in particular, the first verse just steadily becomes messier until we hit a line about the Grammys and it becomes clear that this wasn’t written as something to sing at all. Songs about how a very wealthy singer is totally grounded in spite of all of their wealth and success (which they don’t forget to mention repeatedly) are a common occurrence, an excuse to brag about success in a socially acceptable way. In this case, I got the impression that Fergie could make some decent music if she wanted to, she just doesn’t want to, and since weak songs still sell or at least get airplay she’ll happily continue doing those.

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One Response to Fergie feat. Ludacris – Glamorous

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Musically, I like it. Lyrically, spelling out something (R-O-C-K in the U-S-A!) has always seemed like a ploy to kill time.

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