Chris Brown feat. T-Pain – Kiss Kiss

First Hit #1: November 10, 2007

Chris Brown has an odd persecution complex, and this was before there was a good reason for people to actually persecute Chris Brown. So many lines about people hating in the middle of what is ostensibly a love song, a song about how everyone wants to kiss Chris Brown turning into a song about how everyone hates Chris Brown half-way through the chorus. The shift – which happens within a line – is kind of recognizable as a bit of your standard hip hop bravado, but it cheapens the song, making Brown one of those guys that invites a lady on a date, and then spends the entire evening talking about himself and how great he is. The ladies I know would consider that quite a turn off. It’s one of a couple elements that are a bit unfortunate and lower the quality of a song that would be fairly decent. We get some flagrant abuse of auto-tune in here too, just because it’s trendy, even though Chris Brown can sing and doesn’t need his voice altered all that much. We also get T-Pain, and we don’t need T-Pain, a common theme whenever T-Pain does a guest spot admittedly.

Kiss Kiss is within Kissing distance of being pretty good, but a slavish devotion to trends means it’s not quite there, and it’s something that has aged worse than it would have otherwise.

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One Response to Chris Brown feat. T-Pain – Kiss Kiss

  1. RBerman says:

    Heh, fair points all around. Uggh, the lyrics are so repetitive, and 2007 was, I hope, the apex of the most gratuitous autotune abuses. Again we get an in-song advertisement, in this case of T-Pain’s “Nappy Boy” ventures.

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