Flo Rida feat. T-Pain – Low

First Hit #1: January 5, 2008

After a few years of doing this, I recognize the cycle. We flow between music that’s pretty good and influential, which leads to copycats, which leads to saturation and a period heavy in novelty singles and desperate attempts to get something new and unique to reboot the cycles. But there needs to be that new sound, the thing that catches and pulls the chart into a new direction before we can get sick of that now sound. That didn’t happen in 2007, how about in 2008?

Well we start with yet another song about butts, so it’s not particularly promising so far.

It’s honestly become kind of an instant way to tell if a song is worthwhile or not. Butts are, for whatever reason, a surefire way to pop chart success, and have been ever since Sir Mix-a-Lot perfected the formula. Which is not to say he had the first chart hit about butts, but he provided the template and the general butt obsessions that define all subsequent butt songs. One might argue that he said everything that needs to be said about butts, they would be right.

Low is reasonably fun, sure, a soundtrack hit from a dance movie that proves we’ve gone in an entirely unexpected direction post-Flashdance. But it has no reason to exist, we have reached peak butt, songs about the butt have become so ubiquitous that it’s no longer necessary to ever hear another one. We have a catchy enough chorus, lyrics that are almost memorable, and a nagging feeling that we’ve been here before. It’s that feeling that defines when we need to reset the cycle. Unfortunately, it may be a while.

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One Response to Flo Rida feat. T-Pain – Low

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Sir Mix-A-Lot was at least funny. These other songs are generally less amusing and insightful as an Animal Planet documentary about the effect of rump displays during the mating rituals of parokeets or lemurs. This one is fine, if undistinguished, musically.

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