Usher feat. Young Jeezy – Love in this Club

First Hit #1: March 15, 2008

Usher, at a minimum, is reliable. Love in this Club is far from his best song, it’s almost a compilation of his favorite tics – clubbing, confessional lyrics, people saying hey – in a song that sounds vaguely celebratory without quite being distinct. He’s making a chart hit, a concentrated effort to appeal to a broad cross section of the pop music market to maintain his popularity. That’s dismissive, but in all honesty you kind of appreciate it after a sea of ill advised robot voice and bad imitations of his general persona. In essence, Love in this Club is fine, a neat little come-down for a night out in a club, though one that might make the club’s janitorial staff a bit antsy. Still, even at his worst, Usher is generally a decent performer at a minimum, and this is a decent song, just not really a high point for anyone.

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One Response to Usher feat. Young Jeezy – Love in this Club

  1. musicosity1 says:

    EDM “wet” (slightly detuned) synths make their #1 debut in this slow jam, and a similar effect is at work in the double-tracked rap vocal. These will appear more and more frequently up through 2014 at least. Other than that, a typical club song improved by Usher’s fluid vocals. The dancing in the second half of the song is surprisingly energetic, considering the mellow tone of the music.

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